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When Lu Dongbin was born, an extraordinary fragrance and heavenly music filled his parents' house. As addition, a white crane descended from sky and disappeared into his mother's womb. 


Wu Zetian became Female Emperor of China, she was obsessed to find elixir of longevity. One day her trustworthy minister; Li Cheng informed the empress "Your Highness, I heard a female immortal was live in Guang Dong" "Tell me more about her" asked Empress Wu interested "Her real name was He Shunu, but people call her He Xiangu. She was a daughter of tofu maker. One night an old deity came in her dream and gave her the secret of immortality.

Zhang Guolao rested in front of temple and grumble "People now day! They really don't know to respect their elder. I've been starved for days but there are no men, women or even dog in this city who will share their food to me.."

There was a young beggar in Tang Dynasty named Lan Caihe. With a clapper in his hand, he sang in front of people begging alms from them. Every day he wandered wearing his tattered blue cloth, held by a black wooden belt. His one foot wearing shoe, while the other bare. He wear cotton padded cloth in summer and sleeping on snow in winter.

Han Xianzi was nephew of Han Yu, a famous minister and poet from Tang Dynasty. This genius boy had showed his magnificent talent since his childhood. However he refused to work in government and choose to study Taoism instead.

Empress Cao, the consort of Emperor Renzong from Song Dynasty had two brothers. The elder named Cao Jingxiu and the younger named Cao Jingzhi, because of their position people called them Cao Guojiu. Actually both of these Royal Uncles were infamous for their mischievous deed.

In an instant the sword cut the tiger's head as if it was New Year cake. Blood spurted everywhere, and its body was thrown into the cliff nearby. Zhongli Quan smiled and read an incantation again to call his sword back.

One day Tieguai Li saw his teacher's buffalo and wanted to ride it. Tieguai Li then untie that animal and start riding it. However the buffalo was startled to see its rider's face and ran to the human world, leaving Tieguai Li who couldn't chase it.

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